1. ElJig

    Genius. Who ever edited this is a class act. Woodwork is a know it all putz. Wales destroyed the arrogant all confident England. Woodward stands for the Bullying nature of egotistical England. Wake up and smell the failure of England, no humility, no self confidence, no entertainment and underachievement. England we love to beat YOU. Thanks for being so shit.

  2. Brian Neale

    Woodward was a right twit on the day he got it all wrong and he was the English Coach Jerry was much more right on the day

  3. Brian Neale

    I felt very sorry for Clive and Jerry on the day they got it so so wrong but bully for johnathan the only one with a smile on his face at the end

  4. Steven Gavrilovic

    The result of this game wiped the smug looks off the faces of Woodward and Guscott.   For a side going for a grand slam, England collapsed under the strain of the occasion.   England are not a world force.

  5. Brian Neale

    Woodward and Gusgott should have kept their mouths shut on that day they made complete fools of themselves and the looks on their faces at the end of the match was something to see especially Clives

  6. Mebrice Depace

    The "British" press and media had England as winners right from the off. It was all England England, England. It was pretty disrespectful towards Wales. The Dellaglio bit is typical OTT bigging it up. The BBC could do with toning it down. Farrell is a "superstar in the making" Woodward says – come on! His kicking is pretty good but he's no Dan Carter. Must they exaggerate all the time. Woodward is so biased. Jerry Guscott is at the only objective English commentator who tells it like it is.

  7. Marc Delaney

    myroseaccount.. us celts just cant seem to muster the same hatred for any other nation  . . . wonder why that is . arrogant prick,

  8. 950Edward

    No I meant the lions was about the union, the six nations is a tournament fought over by all 6 so yeah it is about a winner, doesn't meant you can't appreciate 2nd 3rd 4th 5th or even 6th. And no you're not being racist or anything so no.

  9. Deandwl

    Don't be ridiculous – the 6 Nations is all about 'the segregation of nations' and who claims the honours of being the best nation – otherwise what's the point? Or am I being 'ignorant and offensive'?

  10. 950Edward

    Sigh, I was going through highlights of the six nations just to appreciate rugby, and have to see some annoying racism on here, Wales played a great tournament, and England may have caught up to them over the past year, but they are still the best out of the 6, and I'm glad you didn't pick the team because some of the best players in the Lions squad were English. It's about the combination and union of nations, not the segregation of nations, don't be so ignorant and offensive.

  11. myroseaccount

    Wales last beat the All Blacks in 1953. So in a few months we can say once every 60 or perhaps 70 years. Ireland and Scotland are yet to EVER have beaten the All Blacks. To beat the All Blacks once or perhaps twice every decade is not that bad. Although England's record of 4 wins and 2 draws in the last 20 years and a lot of near misses including an away win in 2003 is the stuff of dreams for the Celts.

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