1. stacyblue1980

    subbed ya and thank you so much for yr videos. means so much! Keep em comin thru the 6 nations. Its a stress reliever for me. I can catch a few games thru internet with ….a …thing i use to get to the UK and Ireland channels but here on YT it means more cuz everyone can watch and enjoy. I hope. Best to ya .

  2. Paul Cockram

    Great uploads as ever, I do enjoy the build up and half time comments if that is possible for future games?

  3. Jason Matthews

    So grateful for these uploads. I live in the states and BEIN Sports dropped the live broadcasts here this year.

  4. John Smyth

    pity wales lost to england just taking of moriaritary was a big mistake from the managers point of view and all here in ireland

  5. mudman

    Paddy Jackson was outstanding !! we finally have a 10 that can ship a tackle and take all the points on offer ,hope he starts against France .

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