1. Maarten Kuppers

    Could you please NOT put the result in the title, thank you very much. It completely ruins everything

  2. Sam Leo

    France will be wondering why they did not win this game , cant imagine England playing as bad in the next games .

  3. erwan castiel

    This referer made England win… Too bad for France who made a really good game.
    France 15 penalities and England 8 who defend perfectly for 70 minutes ? Yes for sure..


    plZ mre Qadianio ko mobahila ki video ko ziada sy ziada shaire krain jzakallah

  5. arno222444

    Bad news we've lost, good news France is back and dangerous.
    This team has a bright future.

  6. Ryan Simon

    Very poor performance from England. I don't fancy their chances of beating Wales in Cardiff.

  7. Garrett Roche

    Really tough when France have to play 16 men in London….poxy Kangaroo ref was in the bag, and will probably be requested by RFU for future tight games of significance!!

  8. Mingus Pingus

    Obstruction should have been called on one of the English backs on that last try. He clearly ran into a French defender in their back line.

  9. Bob Bobby

    How proud the English must be:

    Coach – Jones, Australian
    Captain – Hartley, New Zealander
    Best ball carrier – Billy Vunipola, Australian born Welsh raised
    Best prop – Mako Vunipola, New Zealand born, Welsh raised, promised never to play for England when a child ("If I'm good I'll play for Wales, if I'm really good I'll play for Australia, if I'm no good I'll play for Samoa – I promise I'll never play for England").
    Best player (when fit) – Manu Tuilagi, Samoan born and raised – about to deported as illegal until capped by England.
    Best at kicking players in the head – Nathan Hughes, Fijian, refused to play for Fiji at the last world cup as he'd made more money playing for england
    Best impact sub – Ben Teo, a true mercenary – born New Zealand, played RL for Australia, currently renting himself out to the english
    Best failed import – Rokoduguni, Fijian

    Have to wonder how they feel about playing alongside the racist thug – Joe "Gypsy Boy" Marler.

  10. Joseph Walliker

    england were lucky to win… is there any english people feeling confident about next saturday??

  11. Angie Frandsen

    Scotland beat Ireland, England beat France, so far so good!I don't like Wales very much….

  12. marmaduke cromwell

    Scary for the sniveling celts that we can play so poorly and still win! Ha Ha Ha, you celts are just making up the numbers, and will be for years to come!!!

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