1. BBSportsUK

    I don't think that Russell or Davies should have seen yellow, Russell should definitely not have seen a ban, both poor decisions in my opinion

  2. Michael Morgan

    Whats Gatlands record against Scotland now? Played 8, won 8? Seems like Wales are just too good for Scotland.

  3. BattyMatty

    people complaining about how russel should've got a red card…. he had eyes on the ball until the last milisecond, he didn't attempt a tackle, and bigger literally jumped into him, it was a mistake by russel but not worth red…

  4. ultan doherty

    Scotland shouldve won that game with the disallowed try for Scotland and the obstruction for whales try

  5. Andrew Mathieson

    Webb just did what Welsh players can't help themselves doing these days. They should be playing footie…

  6. Grzegorz Gacek

    Good game 🙂 I've a doubt, though, in 2:39, shouldn't Wales be penalized for obstruction? It seems to me that Wales 13 blocks the way to the ball carrier (I'm similarly puzzled why was he tackled by Scottish player…).

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