1. zethanduke09

    A captious individual with nothing meaningful going on in their life, who cannot resist the urge to correct a spelling and/or grammar mistake even in informal settings. After pointing the mistake out, a Grammar Nazi feels a strange sense of twisted and unconstructive intelligentsia delight. This belief stems from the Grammar Nazi’s insecurity within his own life. He continues this ego masturbation until he can no longer separate the truth from the lie!
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  2. Ronaldo9brazilian

    *were* I’m not trying to start a fight but I just hate it when people say was instead of were.

  3. LilSuperJay

    To that comment about United not having a player with the essence, Zidane himself said that scholes is the best player he played against.

  4. TeaEyecc

    shut up you fool. George Best Ryan Giggs Eric Cantona Paul Scholes David Beckham sweet mercy think about it

  5. bhbrklyn

    I love van nistelrooy but Man U never captured a player with the essence, skill, and fantastical playmaking abilities like Zinedine

  6. FarrukhGulora

    Юнайтед в общем и не играл!!! играли то на стадионе реала вот и все просто так отдали победу!!!

  7. JustTrickSHT

    Anyone else think that there should be an over 35’s league for the premiership , seira a , liga bbva etc.

  8. burutaka

    He’s isnt there.. its the retired players came to play.. came in like Van Der Sar, Sheringham, Schmeichel. but for Neville im not sure..

  9. Gibno10

    remember these are those players that are retired !!! not those that are still playing

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