1. BaconBoyzz14

    rvp said he didnt want to extend his contract at Arsenal for the lack of ambition they have for winning trophies

  2. TheComputingSolution

    don’t rule it out. He may just want more money. we will have to wait and see

  3. Whiteplate123

    TheFootballDaily says that he may sign a new contract despite ruling it out.

  4. showmethemoney1975

    He will be signing a new contract, but it will not be with Arsenal.

    Not in a million years.

  5. MrStarbuck123

    I’m a city fan and I don’t think we should buy RVP. He’s a great player but we already have 4 excellent strikers, buying V.Persie would just be spending money for the hell of it. It would mean leaving Dzeko and Balotelli on the bench.

  6. TheFruitsnacks93

    Maybe Robin Van Persie will be an Manchester City player by the team the sides meet during the pre-season.

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