1. Abc Bcde

    How come Scotland have a rugby anthem with is all about hating England and winning wars against them 700 years ago… with the intention of being independent yet they are sponsored by BRITISH telecom? Duh…. how hypocritical is that?

  2. Somerled Henderson

    this would have been a completely different result if Finn Russell wasn't deaf and had heard Hogg calling for the ball in a position which would have allowed him to go all the way under the posts.

  3. No Face No Case

    England with 7 points score a try, which brings them up to 12. Owen gets the conversion which is an addition 2 points… shouldn't that be 14, not 15?

  4. arthur

    Yes like in 2003 . Guess you have to think about something down there but it makes the wins all the sweeter .

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