1. Jeremy Merrifield

    So tell me again… Scotland have got 2 players in Lions squad and Wales have how many ?

  2. SpartanHighKing14

    That random spectator shedding some tears after the win shows just how much Scotland's win meant to him and his country. Brilliant to watch!

  3. mudman

    this could be Scotland's year, they will hammer France .. Italy should be a bonus point win, the'll have no fear of Wales or England grand slam there for the taking .

  4. Serge Brugnon

    Bravo Écosse !!!
    Belle équipe avec du caractère et des joueurs exceptionnels !
    Joli spectacle !!!

  5. Sykesee

    Welsh boy here, congrats guys, always love seeing the Scots do well! Looks like you're a danger force this nations too… Keep it up lads I've got my fingers crossed, until you play Wales you understand 🙂

  6. Patrick O'Farrell

    With Scotland only 7% of the time in Ireland's half in the second period of the game, Ireland should have scored enough points to win the game. Scotland's defence was excellent and it was good for the championship for them to win their opening game at long last. Come on Ireland and win the next four.

  7. Thomasuki267

    That pass at 2:09 looked a mile forward even on the most liberal interpretation of the "backwards from hands with forward momentum" law.

  8. Atraye

    Northern hemisphere looking damn strong. Here's hoping the southern hemisphere get their act together

  9. The MIH

    I'm constantly surprised that nobody talks about Alex Dunbar as one of the potential Lions, he's exceptional in defence and if he gets a head of steam on him in attack, he's a bull-dozer.
    Great win, needs to be backed up though, one-offs count for nothing in the long run.

  10. IrishBatman2016

    Hogg's 2nd try is brilliant but CJ Stander should've been awarded a penalty for turning over the ball in the last ruck at the 1:10 mark , he clearly is the first to arrive , supporting his own body weight , on his feet and hasn't been cleared off the ball.

  11. Broderick Productions

    Ireland was horrible in that first half, so many stupid mistakes and decisions.

  12. kapes ox

    Great game, the atmosphere was amazing. I'm only nitpicking here but Hoggs dummy pass was to no. 14 Maitland rather than no. 11Seymour

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