1. MrDavidnikolaychuk

    Lakers are a much better team. we had a better season,better stats and better playoff record. and most of all better franchise.

  2. xlane430x

    @krisszboss2 how do they suck? They’re one of the best franchises of all time. And im not just sayin that cause a like them cause the lakers are good too. But that doesn’t mean they suck

  3. elchiclegum9

    No you’re wrong . Lakers has the championships , true , but that does not make Lakers the better LA team . Lakers has the history , not the better LA team now in the present . And whether you like it not , Clippers was the better LA team this season .

  4. BogdanAus

    You play to win titles. That is the aim the game.That is why we are better than you. Even this season we were better. Sorry

  5. elchiclegum9

    Dude shut up , yes you have titles , sooo ? Thats history .. we are in the present . Clippers will now be the shinning team , have you not seen how great we are doing ? Season 12/13 will be ours !

  6. John Ruzzel Dasok

    hey posible top players be traded in 2012 season clippers might get raja bell, J. crawford, JR smith, Joel Pyzbilla, and one of these jeremy lin, steve novak, jj hickson and billups, i hope billups are still on the clips… Kmart and regie evans signs another 1 year deal on clips, and j.crawford swap for eric blesoe… tsk tsk. go clipper! and also nick young sign, wishing list be dwight and ray allen.

  7. told148614

    @ I am 5 8 and putting 7 foot centers in my posters – The future slam dunk champ. How is that even possible? I’m not kidding, take a look at this “50inchvertical (dot) com”

  8. yankeesfan72196

    once kobe retires like next week cause of old age Lakers are gonna suck… and i think someones just mad their lakers got beat by some no name team that finally has decent players so they can destroy lakers

  9. livert6740h

    these comment makes me belive you follow a team with is historically speaking bad… , you say the new is the important cause that is what is best for you… but lakers have a HUGE history and just a couple of years ago won 2 finals in a row… thing the clippers have NEVER done in their history… they haven’t even won their division!, that is sad… anyone who says history is not important is an idiot, and we still have superstars in lakers… kobe, gasol, bynum…

  10. livert6740h

    maybe if you win 16 titles in a row, you can maybe compare , but you’ll have to wait until 2028 …

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