1. Mike james

    wahahahahahah funnyyyyy, u cant take a lot of the hate. SUCK u Lakers, u are tooooooooo WEAK compared to Heat.

  2. Kamryn Davis

    idk y u guys keep saying the lakers cheated it wasnt a foul. if u wanna talk about a team getting helped out by the refs look at the heat !!!!!!!!!

  3. chargerfan1811

    Refs don’t call fouls at the last seconds of a quarter, especially if shooters want a foul after a deep shot like that.

  4. cruz9722

    IT WAS A FOUL…. When it happened to kobe a lil while back he was crying about were his foul was

  5. Jozzy86

    That was a Foul in todays fragile girly NBA standarts.. that in the 90’s was a high five. Stop crying!

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