1. JayBoy277

    @facebook123123 they play each other 2-3 times a year so they alternate, the same as every other team.

  2. yuwu94

    wait can some one explain to me how it works if they both play in the same gym, like whos home whos away? :S


    Wondering the same… thought at first that it was some sort of: “duuuude, you´re the man!” But, then it does not look like that at all.

  4. BogdanAus

    It’s like a calendar, you get to play 2 home and 2 away. But it’s only technically, because it’s the same building.

  5. facebook123123

    How the fuck do they decide who’s home or away when a game like this comes along?

  6. Wing Adrian

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  7. jacobbxd

    his building, ALWAYS be his building. and like what kamla said, Kobe Bryant we are not worthy of your greatness.

  8. STONE1ish

    cheap ass broke ass lakers fans cant even afford a ticket to there home game hahahahahhahahahhaha ,clippers all the way fuck artrirtis legs bynum-dummy gasol-retarded artest-and fake ass wanna be michael23 hahaha -clippers are taking over los angeles baby!!!!!!

  9. gonzo1280

    Kobe, thats how u close out games . Flop city cant take over purple&Gold town nigguhs

  10. mrwweable

    Really Fakers??? The Lakers Joined The Association in 1948 Became The LA Lakers in 1960 The Clippers 1970 and Became LA Clipps in 1984 Who’s the Fakers Now???

  11. aleksa989898

    No dumbass the guy who uploaded the video wrote the wrong result in the description so i sayed that ok?

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