1. Frank Lira Francia

    I don’t believe that ……Bulls are more spectacular thatn Lakers…. (everyone know it)

  2. ooskah

    how did that work out? 1st seed and 1st round exit. it’s all good, not your fault.

  3. infinity123ify

    Many Years Ago The Two Elite Teams Face-off at The NBA Finals at 80’s- 90’s and that is the Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago bulls between Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan…

    But now I want a Rematch between this two Elite teams at The Nba Finals with Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose…

  4. infinity123ify

    They are losing because Derrick Rose is Absent…. But Rose is Healthy, They can be Champion this 2012…

  5. cesar skeezer

    @everyone as much as I hate Kobe, I was impressed with his performance.
    Makes me feel bad for hating him.
    But then I remembered he said he never watched Jordan.

    Which is B.S. with that Jordan Fadeaway he is doing

    Kobe stay at 5, Lebron Stay at 0!

    Lebron would’ve wone with the Bulls even without Rose.

    You too Dwight Howard. You pampered ass baby.

    ” I want to get traded, but not to a top contender”

    Glad that didn’t Happen, Go Bulls!

  6. tpkalldayerrday

    @123456halo3 u don’t have to believe me I have my opinion and u have yours but the thing that I hate about laker fans are that they are too cocky and think they’re the shut when clearly they’re not anymore Kobe ain’t Jordan he can’t do what he do and get his team out of any situation but that’s what I think u won’t have the same opinion

  7. 123456halo3

    Can you please tell me who got eliminated last night? I’ll give you a hint. Starts with a B. Sounds similar to Bullshit.

  8. Dakota Smith

    I know where they standing at . Their star point guard is out. But didnt they win last night without rose? Oh yeah i thought they did.

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