1. Wangste002

    3 dislikes? Nice try Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. You all jealous of the success of the new king

  2. FourMenOneFilm

    Hey dcoopson what’s your power forwards height, weight and muscle tone? I’ve been trying to make my PF look likethat but he always comes out to fat…

  3. KhIDp0is0N

    Hold the turbo button (RT, R2) and move the left thumb stick toward your non ball hand.

  4. AFCproductionsTV

    What kind of PF is this? An athletic one? Or all-around? And is possible you can put a creation video on YouTube..

  5. murphy3162

    Yo man Bynum didn’t dunk on Shaq, Shaq was defending Bynum but Bynum just blew past him and was a good 7 feet away from him when he dunked. Meanwhile Shaq destroyed Bynum and just dunked all over Bynum in front of God and everybody.

  6. Melania Zen

    So my basketball teammate finally told me how he started dunking, he s shorter than me, he s only 5 6 but jumps over 9 inches higher! What he took the training plan over at 50inchvertical. com and gained over 16 inches in his vertical leap!

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