1. 3o0d30od

    we failed to stop City in both legs, so we failed to win the league. But I know we will bounce back! United till i die!

  2. iFisheR97i

    Such a shame about the Everton game, how we didn’t win, would have won us the league! GGMU <3

  3. Mr9jesusislord

    Who ties dragons for a living?
    Who never comments on the videos he posts?
    Who made an exceptional tribute to Manchester United’s best goals of their season???????

  4. MikkelMalesa04

    A shame that you forgot the best goal of the season… Nani against Man CIty, Coummunity shield. I would also have loved to see Welbecks goal against City in FA cup, and Fletcher vs City in the league 🙂 – By the way, a nice video, credits for that! GGMU <3

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