1. iGoHardboii

    I blame Kobe for not getting his team mates more involved and being more of a vocal leader not dissn them.

  2. xchargerOUx

    When it’s all said and done. Kobe is going to be below MJ. MJ is basketball. Kobe is well…… gifted.

  3. Ciaran Micah

    dude come on if I, can effortlessly dunk, that being said anybody can, Im around 5’9 seriously. Merely follow a workout regime like this one “50inchvertical [dot] com”, it will multiply your individual jump and your speed.

  4. gmn545

    The only thing Kobe did better than MJ was long-distance shooting. MJ was better at literally everything else.

  5. gmn545

    Assists are contingent on the player you pass the ball to *making the shot*, smart ass. Kobe passed quite often to Gasol and Sessions; they just kept missing or swung the ball out to another teammate. Nice try, though.

  6. thewallwalks

    yep and maybe he would only have 2 finals mvp’s and 5 championships and all the sudden better then magic

  7. 11697clan

    the only reason why lakers loss is mike brown makes kobe shoot hes good but he just rushes and they all go after him bynum however can take it in if they passed it to him more often they could have won 4-1 no doubt about it nthey should think about this next season

  8. djg34djg

    In game 4 Kobe miss a 3 when it was tied 96 -96 and miss a tying 3. Game 2 he turn the ball over in the closing mins. Lakers could of been up 3-1.Kobe choked man.

  9. Fox250R

    How many assists did kobe have? Thats what i thought….

    It takes more then just being a scorer to be great…

  10. LastDayStudios

    Thank you!!!!!! KOBE CANT BE A FREAKING TEAM BY HIMSELF!! If he had help Like MJ did, then maybe he’d win way more championships.

  11. omen gkarrzz

    okc took it, but they will never take 5 titles..hopefully lakers come back strong..you the truth kobe!!!

  12. gmn545

    No. Artest/MWP has stated what everyone else (who isn’t a hater) knows: “The Lakers rely too much on Kobe.” Kobe didn’t take those shots just because he wanted to; he was *expected* to. How is game 4 solely Kobe’s fault? 38pts, 8rebs, 5ast., while Gasol goes for just 10 points (4-10 FG) and 5 rebs? Game 2? the *starting* PG (Sessions) contributed just 2 points on 1-3 FG? When the big men combined were 14-30 FG? And that game was just a 2pt loss…

  13. xchargerOUx

    “OKC Thunder were the better team overall. There’s no doubt about that”.

    – Metta World Gayce


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