1. marcusJudas

    How come they didn’t count nash basket before halftime? I remembered
    correctly, LeBron had the same situation before where they started the
    clock early and count the basket during the replay. tsk smh refs!

  2. Joaco Lopez

    Heeey I got something REALLY good that will make your videos even better..
    PUT THE STATS ON THE INFO! that’s even better than put them on the actual
    video.. they will be more complete

  3. Dick Handler

    Every time I watch Dwight Howard play I am amazed that he doesn’t score 25
    points per game in his sleep.

  4. Veego von DOOM

    Teams game plan for Kobe to the point when he’s not there is completely
    blows their defensive minds. The Pacers were thrown off the whole game. The
    Lakers looked like the old Orlando Magic and I can tell Dwight was loving
    it. Imagine when Gasol gets back! He doesn’t like coming off the bench but
    he almost post triple doubles with just 20 minutes of play when he comes
    off the bench.

  5. Chris A

    Being a laker fan i think its great to see all the laker fans even on the
    road. In fact honestly i love laker road games more than staples because i
    like the road unis and i like it when the crowd goes quiet. In some cases
    where there arent any laker fans. Like fart city oklahoma

  6. Yousaf Iqbal

    So Meeks play around :40, shouldn’t that have been an “over and back?” He
    clearly touched the ball in the front court and recovers it in the back

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