1. boogaluke

    this guy stole the video from a Lakers Highlights Channel. of course their mostly going to show lakers highlights.. lol

  2. LibyanProduction

    /watch?v=R_1f9ikRPEM&list=UUbGV­CvmvE4LfO3mVIDXLVig&index=1&fe­ature=plcp << check it out! free music guys!

  3. LittleBigKRATOS

    You know the thing is that Lakers aren’t dumb, they know they will need a lot of help from Ron Artest in the next round against OKC, so they just playing around with Denver, I mean Lakers could finished them off in 4 games, but Do the Lakers want to face off OKC without Artest, I don’t think so…You can say whatever you want against Artest but that motherfuker means something in defense.
    So game 7 its just a little extra Drama for this series, but Denver have no chance to win it, period.

  4. Jacob Elton

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    La Lakers Vs Denver Nuggets Game 5 Nba Playoffs 2012 Full Highlights

  5. mickee06

    so when kobe gets dbled he just lobes it up to either seven footer.kobe was just blessed to play with some good players. but eventually lebron i think will win a championship with the heat. but as far as individual play lebron is better. and has been for a couple of years. but thats just my opinon

  6. mickee06

    first of all i didnt say so much better. the cavalier teams that lebron played on sucked. he made them better then what they were. they had the best receord in the league a couple of years in a row i believe. he needed another good player on his team that was consistant. he didnt have that. but kobe has. he had a dominant player that was already great in shaq. shaq was the leader of those first 3 championships. the last two championships kobe gets bynum,gasol,,lamar odom and ron artest.

  7. twocornercherry

    if lebron makes his team so much better, why haven’t they won a championship. kobe’s got 5.

  8. mickee06

    they would suck without bynum or gasol also. if kobe score 40 someone else has to score. but thats the difference between kobe vs lebron and jordan. jordan and lebron make their teamates better but kobe does not. the more pts kobe more of a chance his team will lose. you see the nuggets are letting kobe get his pts but they are double gasol and bynum. but kobe is a great offensive player and thats it

  9. swiftyrocks08

    I do not like the lakers. I like kobe. If kobe was not on the lakers the lakers would be one of the worst teams in the nba. One man can make a difference. I we see with the bulls as well. So when kobe retires i will retire as a laker fan, because they will suck ass. Bynum moves in a similar fashion to my grandma. He is so slow and lazy it sickens me. And Gasol plays like a little girl when he is under pressure. Kobe makes the lakers who they are.

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