1. treko

    The 6 nations is a joke because England play with 4 diferent teams: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It´s really the 3 nations.

  2. Diane Baldesco

    I've recently just fallen in love with Rugby and your uploads on full matches keep the fire of my Rugby heart burning. Thank you! 😀

  3. Janet Bingham

    Thanks so much for that. I missed it live and was very disappointed but not any more!! Great.

  4. Thomas Vorm

    My god the french supporters come out in numbers. Could hear them shouting "allez les bleus" loud and clear.
    Bien fait les bleus vous vous etes bien representé en l'Irlande

  5. Timothy Johnson

    Thank you for uploading – very helpful for those of us living in less developed countries like the USA!

  6. Thorshammer92 Odin

    hahaha the" French " rugby team is going the same way as the football , full of non whites , it's not so bad yet . look where your globalist ways have left you again! travaille famillie et PATRİE! play real french men.

  7. devlin7575

    Thanks for making the time to do this upload – appreciated from over here in Hong Kong

  8. Larry Freitas

    At 7:40+, with the referee yelling "it's a ruck," a French player pushes the ball back with his hand to the scrum half. No call for hands in? Didn't he see that?

  9. Larry Freitas

    At 4:30 one hears the referee say: "stay where you are." There was no ruck. No one on the opposition was bound on to the team with the ball. No, there should be no "staying where you are" but the defense going in to try to take the ball, using hands, as there's NO RUCK! The law states there needs to be at least two players, one from each team, bound together over the ball on the ground, for there to be a ruck.

  10. Tessa Sawyer

    It's great to find somebody who posts whole games without showing the score in the title. Thanks

  11. Fiona Callan

    Thank you for the Scotland Wales match very much appreciated love your work 🙂

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