1. loic menou

    What is this match? a joke ? There should have been penalty try since the 85th minutes ….. France should stop playing this fucking tournament with fucking english referies

  2. NoirOrchestre

    Sacrée expérience ce match. Par contre j'ai rien compris au premier carton jaune pour le Français, le plaquage était réglo non ?

  3. H Clary

    Anyone remember when the scrum was a way to restart play after a minor infraction…a bit like a jump ball in basketball. Is this specialization of "tight five" create problems and this fiasco?  I think so.  There's all this specialization and yet the ball isn't put in straight any hookers don't hook….Who are the "Guvnors" of the Laws…..just foolishness.

  4. H Clary

    The Laws of the game in 2017 require that rucks and mauls, or at least the current version of them require players be bound up to the armpit, that a hand on the ruck or maul is NOT being bound….and yet throughout the top rugby matches binding to this standard is rare and never whistled. Can anyone explain, please?

  5. Rory Blake

    I'd begun to become more optimistic about Rugby, until I watched this game. The last twenty minutes was summed up by Brian Moore, 'who wouldn't want to pay £84 to watch this?'

  6. daithi t

    the penalty at 30:45 was not a penalty there was no ruck formed because France did not have anyone contesting it

  7. Julien 49

    Ils sont drôles ces cul-terreux de Gallois : 20+ minutes de temps additionnel, un carton jaune non accordé pour un avant volontaire au début du jeu, un pingouin qui se mord le bras pour accuser un Français, des joueurs qui passent leur temps à discuter avec l'arbitre comme au foot, une avalanche de fautes sifflées contre les Français… Et on a triché !
    Faut vraiment pas avoir de gène ! En même temps ils connaissent pas encore l’électricité dans leurs campagnes, faut pas leur en vouloir…

  8. Sanap Adsense

    The French were not good during the game it is a fact, but they have not cheated, be lucid and look at things with honesty.
    The Vakatawa yellow card at 18 minutes is debatable and the penalty try not granted at the end is a proof of the referee's impartiality.

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