1. JohnnyTsunamiO1

    What’s up guys!! I’m a new Fifa 13 UT commentator that started commentating because I was inspired by great commentators like airjapes, KSI, weepier, calfreezy, and nepenthez. My main purpose is to give tips and hints to people. If you have time please check out my videos. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  2. fivec3nt

    Lol, so in your mind, having knowledge about a topic makes one an idiot? I pity you. Also, why are you being so hostile? What have I done to deserve that kind of treatment?

  3. fivec3nt

    The word “Soccer” comes from “Associated Football”, which is European football. They took the “soc” from associated and it eventually became “soccer”. We already had a sport called football in America (The ball is a foot long). Also, the word Soccer originated in England. The more you know.

  4. fivec3nt

    It wouldn’t bother us, because American football and rugby are two different sports. Besides, the word “soccer” originated in England. It’s the same game, it’s just that soccer was the name that became common when it spread to the United States.

  5. tysonfor1

    Would the Americans like it if we called American football ‘rugby?’ That’s how wrong it is to us to hear eople call football ”soccer.”

  6. TheHeywood1234

    It’s not fucking soccer dumb cunt you don’t kick the ball with your soc you kick it with your foot ”football”

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