1. burnyourkingdomdown

    Great game by both sides, I'm English but I would've been just as happy for Ireland to have won.

  2. Dan V

    Can I just talk about how glad I am that this match happened like this? Being very closely contested and being one marvellous spectacle to look at, it's certainly brought out the best possible sportsmanship between us English and the Irish. 

    I haven't seen one person go on about the "English being better than the potato munchers" or the "Irish being better than those damn tea drinkers". There's been so much mutual respect between both sides that nobody's given the other team an unfair amount of credit (or lack of), there's only positives to be heard from both sides, especially from the Irish fans. Another reason why rugby will always remain the best sport in the world.

  3. Mike Hall

    Does anyone else think that Jonny May's effort should have been a penalty try, or at least a penalty? I can't believe neither he nor any of the England players complained.  O'Mahony "tackled" him round the head, and if he hadn't, Jonny would have got the ball down way before Murray knocked the ball out of his hand.  Still a great game though, with great performances from both sides,but a deserved win for England. Bring on Wales. 

  4. Alexander Peake

    The more I watch the Ireland try, the more obvious it is that POC grabbed at Launchbury for the try. 

  5. geansai333

    ireland nothing out wide.

    zebo, luke F, luke M watched this game on tv.

    Ireland coached by a kiwi. Does he have an agenda? I'd like to see him gone rapidly, thank you very much.

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