1. NoRefundsXD

    I can relate to this series because when I started I was noob, but then I start to get a lot better. Like I’m seeing in you.

  2. UnderDogFourSix

    I cracked up at “I don’t even need to guard Kobe!” as he blows right past you. Banged my head on the desk laughing at that, funny stuff

  3. beside142876

    , wow this is OD. this is directly from someone who s the shortest on his team but do windmill dunks. I checked out the training program at “50inchvertical (dot) com” and gained over 14 inches on my leap.

  4. l4d2survive

    Hey i just uploaded a 2k12 my player vid please check out my series i upload one a day i’d love some recognition!Also tell me how i can do better! Thank you

  5. ShandyHal

    B00! you can buy shoes and they make you quicker, better at defence, shots and many others. thumbs up so he can see

  6. iWatchinTubes

    I still thoroughly enjoyed Nightmare Realms. I’m craving for some more OOGE.

  7. Cyanide69x

    Hey B!!! you should up the game time so that the Scores become a bit more realistic. also we will get to see you play more :) Great Series so far!!!!

  8. bherring918

    You can change your shoes!!!
    Some different shoes give +5 dunk, +5 Quickness etc.!!
    Get some good shoes!!

  9. yigitsen97

    Sometimes i start clapping when new york knicks scores, then i realize that i am not watching a nba game 😀

  10. Meinhardd1

    I love these videos! 😀
    About that Play Vision, if you change your settings in game it will only be saved in THAT game, so you have to do it when you are not in a game! 🙂
    Thumbs up so he will see it! 🙂

  11. TheEngagedGamers

    @BdoubleO100 This series is so amazing, only on thing the videos take forever to load for us no matter what we do. Should we blame the youtube?

  12. BiGxDaDDyxGucci

    I picked up this game for PC (it’s a REALLY shitty port, btw) because the laser reader in my xbox is broken, and I started playing My Player, but every time I finish the first game (Stars vs Elites I think) it crashes. I’ve gotten to the pre draft sit downs once, but it crashed right after them and never saves. Anybody know a way to fix it? Also, good luck against the Wizards next week… I can’t wait to see you stomp them

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