1. kooora18

    Yeah, you thought you had the Europa League in the bag after this tie when you nearly blew it by losing to mighty Ajax at home but little did you know about Athletic Bilbao. Especially second leg hahahaha. You tried pressing like mad, pressing higher but no effect. In fact, I wish Iraola scored his chance after skilling your back four.

  2. arsenaljay91

    I wasn’t slating Man Utd, they are far better than Arsenal hence the amount of titles your club has won. However i do agree with the previous statetment, Overall the Premier league has lost alot of quality and it has showed the Europe for all English teams this season.

  3. gurshwin10

    FUCK U, u stupid piece of crap…. so ur one of those mother fuckers haters???? ur nothing but just a stupid dumb ass get a life. GLORY GLORY MAN UTD
    fuck u asshole

  4. SeaBassDubstep

    haha wtf. where the hell was the man marking on that last goal??? rooney and chicharito were completely unmarked

  5. Olmar95

    Forget about my last comment, watched a summary and I know what you mean. Looked like a penalty to me.

  6. Olmar95

    If the thing you say is that they shouldn’t have had a penalty, there would be no extra time, but Ajax would win because of there 2 away goals agains 1 from MU.

  7. Livviebeatslove12

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  8. shedendboy1

    Ajax 4 European cups , Man urinals 3, Stick that up your arse, You Munich wankers

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