L.A Lakers – Top 10 Playoff Moments (New 2010)

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  1. I remember watching game 7 and feeling like that 4 point lead when the
    score was 64-68 was a 20 point lead. It was an old school game 7.

  2. god this is so great
    2010. what a great year for b ball
    L.A. VS Boston in the finals
    and Kobe gets ring 5!!
    almost brought a tear to my eye:)

  3. Genaro Cabrera

    I miss Ron Artest 

  4. Now that Kobe is done, we need to find that next diamond in the rough. We
    should get Jerry West back!

  5. The beat is from 50 cent-Get Up

  6. Twigglee Nest

    2:45 better grab his ass or something now

  7. darkprince0017

    ayo man thanks for the great highlights all year man LA ALLDAY can you say

  8. zuestheredhead

    Missing those kind of moments!!

  9. Kelvin Truong

    2:46 pierce tried to grab atrtest’s balls, hes clearly gay LOL

  10. More like “Artest top 10 fighting scenes” :)

  11. Wow best game 7 ever

  12. Who saw lebron travel???

  13. Ive seen lebron travel too many times, i counted at least 5 during the
    finals against spurs!

  14. Dominik Rodriguez

    Boston Sucks Lol

  15. Emmanuel Rivera

    what about the play when fisher knocked down a game winner with 0.4 left
    vs. the Spurs?!?

  16. Vassak Avagyan

    that prooves that Kobe is a legend

  17. rudolf lakersforever

    number 10 gives me the shivers…

  18. Moment # 8 is when I knew that was going to be a GREAT series.

  19. wanna hop on the bobcats bandwagon

  20. :54 Dragic looked at the camera and said watch this flop.

  21. Good times, but now they suck

  22. Victory Harrison

    U really are a cockrider

  23. Neythan Becerra

    Hell Yea!! Theyll Kill Off The Lakers, with ben Gordan lol

  24. wannabeserpento99

    You need to do more than shoot a 3… He did it. PAU WAS A BEAST a couple
    years ago but he is much worse right now. Thank god we got rid of derek,
    you don’t know anything.

  25. Miami is bout to get that ass whop